Overview of Paquita Tea Room in Manhattan

Paquita is a tiny and lovely tearoom and shop in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. You can find them on Instagram

Inside Paquita: Two white cups with blue rims and matching saucers sitting on a deep green table with a iron teapots and a small bouquet of dried flowers. One person is in the process of pouring some honey into one of the cups of tea.

You can enjoy a pot of tea, tisanes, coffee, and a small assortment of baked sweets–including some gluten-free options–at Paquita.

It’s a very small and lovely space. Two tiny tables (very close together) are available inside by the front window. Wooden shelves and deep green accents provide an inviting and soothing color scheme. Cheerful copper tea canisters line the walls. Also, there’s a beautiful hammered tin ceiling. Additional seating is available outside.

The interior of Paquita, a tearoom in Manhattan. Wooden shelves with copper canisters of teas and tisanes line the walls. A hammered tin ceiling adds ornate detail.

Paquita also sells: teaware, accessories, small porcelain dishes, artisanal chocolate bars, small dried flower bouquets, and more.

You can purchase loose leaf tea and tisanes at Paquita, too. They require a 50 gram minimum purchase of most teas.

On my first visit, I enjoyed a floral and bright first flush Darjeeling. My daughter had a really bright lemon ginger black tea. We tried the blueberry scones and the chocolate tahini cookie (gluten free). I really enjoyed the cookie! It had a great balance of sweet, salty, earthy, and chocolate.

When we had our tea, I appreciated the cast iron tea pots, the small cups and saucers, and the beautiful teaspoons. The diminutive vase of dried flowers on the table added a lovely touch of color. I asked for an extra saucer so I could remove the infuser basket from the teapot once my tea was steeped to my preference. They were very obliging.

Two rectangular, cast iron tea kettles at Paquita in Manhattan.

In short, Paquita is a beautiful spot to enjoy a pot of tea and a little sweet.

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