About Me

So glad you would like to get to know me better!

My name is Traci Levy and I am infusiastic about all things Camellia sinensis.

Traci Levy, AKA teainfusiast, sitting on a cozy sofa and holding a cup of tea.

I have been drinking tea since I was a small girl. 

But, I didn’t realize that there was a wide world of tea beyond Lipton until middle school, when someone gave my mother a set of tiny, brightly colored tins full of different kinds of loose-leaf teas. 

After college I began exploring loose-leaf, single-estate teas from all over the world. Many tea classes, workshops, books, and cups of tea later, I am still in love with tea.

Tea is first and foremost a joy for me. Deepening my mindfulness practice with the companionship of tea is also a beautiful, ongoing journey.

I have extensive teaching experience through my career in Higher Ed. In 2021, I also began a fantastic tea teacher training program through Being Tea. In 2022, I started organizing online tea events.

I created the Tea Infusiast website to share what I sip, what I learn, and what I love about tea. It’s another space where we can connect with each other through the magic of tea.

I’m happy to discuss potential collaborations. I am particularly interested in the ways tea can help us slow us down, experience the fullness of our existence, traverse time, and connect to each other.

Sometimes, I am able to review tea or tea-related things. I am always transparent when I do reviews of anything I didn’t buy at full price. You can read my review policy here. [Note: I regret I am not able to take on tea reviews with new partners before November 2022.]

If you would like to connect beyond this website, I’m most active on Instagram. Direct messaging me @teainfusiast on Instagram is a great way to reach me.