December’s Virtual Tea Table

December’s Virtual Tea Table features tea and rest practices in a new, convenient format–videos that you can practice with at your convenience! Read on for details and how to sign up so you can slow down.

Wouldn’t it feel great to enjoy curated tea and rest sessions–to slow down and move through the month of December with more intention and energy?

Image for December's Virtual Tea Table 2023 featuring a photo of Traci Levy, a white woman with silver hair wearing violet glasses and black clothes, and holding a teacup.

To acknowledge the extra time pressures that December tends to bring, I’m offering a different approach to December’s Virtual Tea Table—my rest practice series for tea lovers.

Instead of VTT synchronous gatherings in December, I’m offering a weekly video to practice with at your convenience!


Tea Infusiast News, No. 11

November 2023, Autumn

Welcome to the November 2023 Edition of Tea Infusiast News–a monthly newsletter for tea lovers to connect with and through tea. This is the 11th edition of the newsletter and the first one that is appearing here on the website!

In This November 2023 Edition


What Does It Mean to Waste Tea?

This post shares my experience radically reducing my tea consumption and an unexpected question that arose: what does it mean to waste tea?

Radically Reducing My Tea Consumption

I spent a good chunk of September weaning myself off tea to see if it would help some health issues I’m having.

I went from having two tea sessions per day and consuming 7-8g of tea a day, to zero. In October, I went a few weeks without any tea, then added one light tea session per week.

It probably goes without saying for someone that runs a tea-related blog, Instagram, and events: this radical reduction in tea has been a big change. I am grateful for some lovely herbal teas, but I still deeply miss drinking tea more regularly.

Teacup with a few drops of tea in it, poised as if ready to pour.

Some challenges I anticipated: missing the flavor, removing one of my daily mindfulness practices, and the initial caffeine withdrawal. But, the many tealess days have also brought some unexpected questions. I’ll focus on one here: what does it mean to “waste” tea?


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Blog Events

November’s Virtual Tea Table

Join one, two, or all three sessions of November’s Virtual Tea Table. This series creates a welcoming weekday space to rest in community with other tea lovers.

What Is The Virtual Tea Table?

Hello Tea Friend!  If steeping tea together, resting in communiTEA, and exploring other ways you might live a more restful life sound good to you, then I warmly invite you to gather around the Virtual Tea Table in November. 

Read on for details and how to sign up for one, two, or all three sessions of November’s Virtual Tea Table gatherings.


Story of a Teacup: November 2023

Do you love tea, teaware, and stories? Supporting caregivers? If you answered “yes,” join us for Story of a Teacup!

On November 5th, we will join online, settle in, and steep tea together. Then, we’ll listen to four members of the tea community tell us the backstory about a special piece of teaware from their collection. We have a great lineup, including: Sooz from Being Tea, Connie from Tea In Spoons, Julia from @MKJulia. I’m also excited to share a story. [This event has passed.]

Read on for details and how to reserve your ticket!


The Flowering of Chilean Tea Culture

This post overviews the flowering of Chilean tea culture. Specifically, it shares how tea displaced mate, and how Chile became the country with the highest per capita tea consumption in Latin America and the only one that drinks more tea than coffee.


October’s Virtual Tea Table

Join other tea lovers for a restful session around October’s Virtual Tea Table.

This series provides a welcoming weekday space to rest in community with other tea lovers online.

We integrate a meaningful break (30 minutes) into our workweek to slow down and recharge.

Sign up for as many or as few sessions as you like!


Afternoon Tea at The Parlour in Park Slope

This post shares my experience enjoying afternoon tea at The Parlour in Park Slope. This New York City tearoom is one of two run by Brooklyn High Low. (BKHL also has a location in Prospect Heights.)

The Parlour’s Address: 69 7th Avenue, (under the stoop) Brooklyn NY 11217


Review of Té Company Tearoom in Manhattan

Té Company is a tearoom in the West Village area of Manhattan in New York City. It specializes in Taiwanese tea and their own handmade and delicious tea snacks. You can also buy tea and snacks on their website. (Té is pronounced “tay.”)

Traci at Té Company in Manhattan, NYC, with her friend’s plushie bison (AKA a “luff”). Photo taken by Taniya Gupta.

I can’t believe I haven’t written a review of Té Company before! I have visited Té more than any other teahouse in Manhattan. The calm and cozy space, thoughtfully curated tea choices, excellent service, and delicious snacks keep me coming back.